Some people unfortunately, have accumulated considerable amounts of dental damage.  Where there are many damaged teeth, simple fillings usually will not be adequate to restore and stabilize matters.  Where there has been extensive wear or a collapsed bite from having missing or shifted teeth, a much greater and comprehensive restoration will often be required.  Often, many crowns are required to restore a mouth containing a number of  heavily filled, weakened or cracked teeth. In some cases, even as many as twenty-eight teeth may need to be crowned.

The image below is of a 51 year old male who grinds his teeth. At this stage there is already more than 70% wear of his upper front teeth.


Complete Oral Rehabilitation is a treatment process that requires considerable know-how and experience since so many things can go wrong. One of the most critical factors is to develop the occlusion or bite functionality to work properly.  If a malocclusion is erroneously created or perpetuated, patients may suffer terribly from jaw dysfunction with TMJ pain and often will need a complete re-restoration, and this sometimes after requiring a prolonged realignment therapy.

Complete Oral Rehabilitation many times will also involve other treatment modalities such as dental implants, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics as well as cosmetic considerations. Most importantly, the undertaking of a Complete Oral Rehabilitation requires the know-how of how to plan and execute a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan.

Without a doubt, a Complete Oral Rehabilitation is the most challenging restorative treatment in Dentistry.  Only the most proficiently trained Dentists or Prosthodontists supported by meticulous and knowledgable Dental Technicians should undertake COR.

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