Our Vancouver Clinic is a full service Prosthodontic Practice. We specialize in complex restorative dentistry and in dental implant surgery and in restoration with dental implants.  We have our own on-site dental laboratory, staffed with superior Dental Technicians who are trained in the most up-to-date techniques including computer aided virtual design and CAD-CAM. We provide the following services:

1. Referral diagnosis, opinions, treatment plans and reports pertaining to Prosthodontics.
2. Expert evaluations and medical-dental-legal opinions.
3. Treatment Services: including single crowns, multiple crowns, esthetic veneers, all-ceramic    restorations, fixed bridges, partial and complete oral reconstructions, implant planning, implant surgery, implant restorations, complete and partial removable dentures, functional occlusal analysis, occlusal adjustments and modifications, TMJ evaluations, dysfunction splints.
4. Specialized Dental Laboratory Services.
5. Restorative and implant advice and mentoring.