I have provided continuing education for over 25 years and have given over 700 lectures locally, nationally, and internationally. I have consistently scored in the 85 to 100 percentile of audience evaluations in my continuing education courses. I have mentored to over 20 study clubs and have provided hands-on training to over 200 dentists helping them to become better Dentists.

My Study Clubs usually involve having ten to fifteen dentists who meet under mentorship guidance one day monthly on an ongoing basis. Our preferred facility is the world-class Sirona Center for Continuing Education which has state of the art projection facilities and an eleven bay operating facility.


The mentoring schedule usually has two components, a didactic one based on lectures and interactive discussion with literature support and a clinic component where the attendees bring patients to have various restorative, implant restorative or implant surgical procedures done under supervision. For more information on starting up or structuring a study club please contact me.

Continuing Education Lecture Topics by Dr. Dennis Nimchuk

These available presentations average three hours in duration

  1. Dento-Facial Esthetics
  2. Dento-Gingival Esthetics
  3. Stability of the Dentogingival Complex
  4. Tissue Reduction/Tissue Augmentation
  5. A Critical Analysis of Crown Systems
  6. Form & Illusion – The Art of Dentistry
  7. Building Blocks – Variations of Anterior Tooth Preparation
  8. Building Blocks – Variations of Posterior Tooth Preparation
  9. Ceramic Laminates and Ceramic Crowns
  10. Anterior Segment Reconstructions – A Symbiosis
  11. Ceromers: Inlays, Onlays and Three tooth Bridges
  12. Colour, Shade Selection, Cameras and Computers
  13. Minimally Invasive Bridges
  14. Gold Units: Inlays and Onlays and Crowns
  15. Restoration of Endo Treated Teeth
  16. Restoration of Implants I
  17. Restoration of Implants II
  18. Restoration of Implants III
  19. Restoration of Implanats IV
  20. Effects of Malocclusion
  21. Concepts of Occlusion
  22. Determinants of Occlusion
  23. TMD & Mandibular Dysfuction Management
  24. Occlusal Adjustment
  25. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
  26. Patient Assessment and Risk Management
  27. Complex Fixed and Fixed Removable Cases
  28. Segmental Complete Oral Reconstruction
  29. Articulation and the Control of Occlusion
  30. Fixed Precision Attachments
  31. Removable Attachments
  32. Practice Building

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