I have a vast library of current projectable visual teaching material, most of which can also be offered at supersized 4:1 cinema screen format presentations. Four general venues on which I present are:

1. Comprehensive Restoration
2. Dental Implants

3. Occlusion
4. Materials & Esthetics

All presentations are clinically oriented but are supported and referenced by scientific research and literature publications.

Some Title examples are:

* Segmentalizing Complete Oral Rehabilitation
* Dogmas and Controversies in Implant Dentistry
* Implant Restoration of the Hopeless Anterior Tooth
* Fundamentals of Dental Implantology
* Dental and Dento-Facial Esthetics
* Minimally Invasive Ceramic Restorations
* The Resolution Process for Mandibular Dysfunction
* The Quest for the Perfect Restoration

Conference Presentations can be adapted to vary in time from one hour to one complete day to several days. For more information please contact me.