There can be a huge variation of dental implant costs from office to office. Certified Specialists, being more trained, notably will charge more than will a General Dentist. Generally speaking, Dental Implants and Dental Implant Restorations are among the most costly of all dental procedures. Basic fees for placing a single implant where suitable bone exists can range from a low of $1500.00 to a high of $3000.00. The fee may be significantly more depending on whether bone augmentation or bone grafting is necessary before the implant can be placed.

After implant integration there will be additional procedures and costs for the titanium or zirconium post that inserts into the implant plus the cost of the crown that goes onto the post. The inclusive post-crown combination can cost range from a low of $1500.00 to a high of $3000.00. When two different specialists are used to do the surgery and later to do the prosthetics, the aggregate fee may be higher.
As the number of implants increase and the complexity of the surgery increases, so generally will the costs.

In Dentistry fees can vary significantly as can quality, particularly when it comes to implant services. The comparative fee chart below is unofficial. It is not based on a scientific collection of data but is based on my impressions on the fees out there as have been generally described to me. They should not be used as an absolute basis for comparison but as an overview of expectations. Specialists will normally charge more than General Dentists.