Complete Oral Rehabilitation or Full Mouth Reconstruction can be a fairly major dental undertaking. This process is oriented to restoring the dentition and the mouth to as close to an optimum condition as possible, i.e. to turning back the clock to undo the ravages of time, disease and wear and tear. The process of Complete Oral Rehabilitation will rehabilitate the smile as well.

Depending on the circumstances, this process may take anywhere from a few weeks to many months of treatment. If accessory treatments are required, such as orthodontics, jaw alignment surgery, periodontal regeneration, or bone grafting, the process may take a year or even more.

Before undertaking a treatment of this complexity, a preliminary meeting and discussion should take place with an experienced Restorative Dentist to establish a rapport; to have a preliminary discussion as to what urgent care, if any, is necessary, and to determine what the general objectives goals of treatment should be and what realistic treatment expectations can be achieved.